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CAREASCEND provides an overview of all of your facilities 5-star ratings and their geolocation on a color-coded map.

By selecting a facility you can review its key information including the name and contact of the administrator, medical director and the director of nursing. The App allows you to get in touch with the by simply clinking on their contact information.

You can also view all the upcoming events at each of the facilities e.g. community events, quality assurance meetings etc.

Besides your own facilities—for comparison purposes, you are able to select other facilities you want to follow closely for review of their star rating and publicly available quality measures.
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My MDs

This unique feature provides unprecedented ability to any company leaders such as the Chief Medical Officer, regional medical directors and operational leaders to keep an eye on overall medical director tasks at the company, region or at a facility level.

CAREASCEND provides user-friendly tools to review, slice/ dice and analyze data to understand correlations between facility quality measures and the role of the medical director.

CAREASCEND empowers company leaders to guide facility leaders and medical directors to prioritize various tasks to enhance outcomes. For example, a facility that is struggling with high prevalence of antipsychotic medications, the CAREASCEND can help facilitate medical director’s focus on staff education for a given quarter.
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Medical Director Tasks

The program assures that physician leaders, their administrators and other team members are aligned in regards to facility key needs and focus on agreed upon medical director tasks.

This approach provides ongoing learning to medical directors about their administrative roles in their facilities and organizations. AMDA (put a link to their web site here), Society of Post-acute Medicine and Long-term Care Medicine validates the key tasks medical directors should be performing in alignment with the Code of Federal Regulations.
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Task Reporting

The CAREASCEND application platform simplifies the process of logging medical director administrative tasks on-the go. All tasks are communicated to the facility administrator and other assigned supervisors before they are finalized. Traditionally, medical directors have to rely on clunky paper-based processes to log their tasks. CAREASCEND provides the luxury of reporting tasks as they are being performed, after they are performed or even scheduling future tasks with timely reminders.

A live tally of tasks keeps medical director and other team members aware of the number of hours performed for the given month so that remaining hours can be planned and utilized for the prioritized areas. The available tasks are in compliance with the Center for Medicare and Medicaid guidance around the medical director role and have been validated by AMDA (www.paltc.org), the Society of Post-acute Care and Long-term Care Medicine.
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Task Submission and Approval

CAREASCEND is equipped with automated systems such that all reported tasks are submitted to facility administrators and any number of assigned supervisors.

Company Chief Medical Officers and regional medical directors can review submitted tasks and intervene as required. All submitted and approved task lists are then presented to accounts receivable for prompt payments to medical directors.
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The CAREASCEND platform allows you create customized surveys for the users in your organization. You can schedule them and the CAREASCEND app will send out push notifications to intended users. You can view all the responses in the dashboard and take actions to improve quality in your organization.
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Communication Platform

CAREASCEND offers a secure digital platform for prompt communications between facility/ organization administrators, medical director leaders and other assigned team members. It also connects company chief medical officer and other regional directors with team members. All communications are archived for future reference or quality assurance purposes.
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Event Scheduling

CAREASCEND includes a calendar so that all team members are able to schedule administrative events and assure that all members are notified of upcoming meetings e.g. quality assurance, infections committee, educational activities, etc.
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Performance Dashboard

CAREASCEND allows users to review the performance of their facility/ organizations and compare it to other competitors. The chief medical officers and regional leaders are able to review and compare the task performance of all of their team members across their company. You can compare the tasks performed by 5-star rating facility MDs and also can see which tasks your MDs are performing more.
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Professional development

The CAREASCEND platform makes it simple for physicians to receive notifications for upcoming educational events offered by AMDA, the Society of Post-acute and Long-term Care Members (www.paltc.org) and other professional associations. Physician leaders are able to review their attended events and accumulated educational credits.

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